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What is Hxro

The Crypto

Hxro is a crypto gaming platform that merges digital currency trading with skill-based social gaming

The Games

Draft ‘em

Pick your lineup of “bags” from a pre-selected field of coins.

Weight ‘em

Optimize your weightings for each coin in your lineup. Score with coins you think will goup (MOON) or down (REKT).

Watch and Win.

Final scores are compared to the other players in the game. Losing lineups can still win big.

Get in the Game.

Fixed fee entry, unlimited players per room.

Follow or Fade.

Analyze the market, follow or fade the “crowd,”
Pick MOON (higher) or REKT (lower).

Build your Status.

Parimutuel payout, continuous events 24 / 7 / 365.

HXRO Token

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HXRO Token.

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HXRO is an ERC20 token - engineered to have full
utility on the Hxro gaming platform.

HXRO tokens are used for entry fees to all games and
on-platform purchases. All competitions are paid out
in HXRO.

Competitors earn status, rank and clout with HXRO.

HXRO tokens build a loyal fan base, empowering
users to interact with our unique products while
sharing in rewards and incentives.

Total Supply: 1,250,000,000 HXRO
Maximum Supply: 1,575,000,000 HXRO

The Team

The Team.

The best games need the best people. And we have them.

Hxro is being launched by a robust and curated team. Our team’s experience
spans multiple decades and numerous industries, with accomplished
backgrounds in crypto, blockchain tech, gaming, trading, technology, capital
markets, media, advertising and design.

The Hxro platform is being engineered in partnership with Cloud Construct, the
team that helped develop DraftKings, the most successful daily fantasy sports
platform in North America.



Dan Gunsberg Co-Founder

Over 20 years experience as a financial markets trader. Has been a crypto trader and investor since 2015. Former Principal and Chief Operating Officer of global proprietary trading firm. Co-Founder of crypto trading and investment fund, Gordian Block.


Rob Levy Co-Founder

More than 15 years experience in derivatives market making on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board Options Exchange. Named one of “14 Ag Minds to Follow on Twitter” by Business Insider. Co-Founder of crypto trading and investment fund, Gordian Block. Has been in crypto since 2016


Lawrence Richardson II Co-Founder

Former electronic FX and metals trader for Citigroup. Built and operated a bitcoin miner from his college dorm room. Founded fantasy FX trading platform Zero Sum Gaming in 2015. Graduated Cum Laude from the University of Richmond with a degree in computer science.


Danny Johnson Co-Founder

A true skill-based gamer, Danny has been a professional poker player since 2005. Co-Founded Pinkcoin, the most advanced blockchain-based currency for social impact.



GrEG ZANOTTI Quantitative Lead

Principal at Gordian Block, Greg’s background is in computer science and mathematics with a specialization in machine learning and recommender systems. Has been an avid gamer and developer since he was 13 years old.


ARRA DERDERIAN Lead Software Engineer

As founder of Cloud Construct, Arra led the architecture and engineering behind DraftKings - North America’s largest Daily Fantasy Sports platform.


MIKE MUNNELLY Development Project Lead

Experienced global executive, managing large-scale strategic initiatives. Focused on operational effectiveness, Mike defines roadmaps, solves problems, and delivers timely solutions.


SCOTT PADGETT UI | UX Engineering & Design

Over 15 years experience in UX/UI engineering, Scott is responsible for implementation of front-end design and development.


Sai PANYAM CTO | Lead Blockchain Engineer

More than 17 years in enterprise technologies with extensive experience in the design and development of industrial strength applications. Sai has worked in some of the tech industry’s most successful organizations including Autodesk,, Google, MySpace, and Dealmap. Founded Idealantis Technologies in 2013.


TORI MARX Creative Director & Marketing Lead

Creative and graphic design lead behind Hxro branding and UX. Former Art Director at global advertising giant Leo Burnett. Worked on global campaigns for Marlboro, Wrigley, Kraft and Samsung.


PAUL HSU Product Operations & Growth Hxro

Business Operations and Growth leader at Zynga from 2009-2015, ran operations for Zynga Social Casino and Zynga Games, also led Zynga Japan. Founded Decasonic, a venture company investing in consumer platforms and blockchain technologies.


JONATHAN BALES Fantasy Gaming & Data-Driven Metrics Hxro

One of the most sought-after minds in Daily Fantasy Sports. Authored the “Fantasy Sports for Smart People Series”. Founder of DFS analytics platform FantasyLabs and DFS training platform RotoAcademy. The former landed Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as investor and strategic partner in 2016. In 2017, FantasyLabs was purchased outright by Chernin Group.


Bryan Pellegrino Game Strategy & Development Hxro

Co-Founder of OpenToken. One of the sharpest minds in skill-based gaming. Founded BuzzDraft and led it to acquisition in 2013, Bryan was also one of the world’s top HU SNG poker professionals. Focusing on game strategy and development with Hxro.


WOODY LEVIN Gaming & Business Strategy Hxro

Founder and CEO of 3.0 Capital. Extensive experience in gaming, trading, marketing, and crypto-related VC. Multiple successful exits. Sold gaming startup BringIt to IGT in 2012 and sold his next startup Estate Assist to DocuSign in 2015. Board member of DraftKings since 2013, the most successful daily fantasy sports platform in North America.


ADDIE CONNER User Acquisition Hxro

Develops customized methodologies and analytics that tie the creative process to advanced marketing and user acquisition strategy. Has worked with over 30 of the top Fortune 100 firms. Was the largest buyer of media across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Brokered deal for Acquisition Labs into Twitter. Served on Facebook Product Council.


Joel Birch Community Development Hxro

Social influencer and avid crypto trader/investor. Founded and cultivated the largest cryptocurrency trading community in the world, Bitcoin Bravado. Has a following of over 45,000 active traders and crypto enthusiasts. Designed the sales and marketing program for 35,000+ client partners at GrubHub.


ADAM SIEGEL Prediction Markets & Gamification Hxro

Co-founder and CEO of Cultivate Labs. Leading global expert in prediction markets and gamification. Provides a platform to Fortune 500 companies and governments with tools to optimize internal crowdsourcing of data. Y-Combinator graduate with his first company, Inkling Markets.


Matthew DeCourcelle Crypto & Gaming Hxro

Co-Founder of Paperstreet.VC. Crypto and gaming investor and community leader. Seed investor of indie game design studio, Blockade Games. Led community management for Decred during its inception.

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